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The advantage of heavy duty connector insert


Heavy duty connector insert is possible with heavy-duty connectors. Pre-installation of a large number of complex circuits can greatly improve equipment installation efficiency and reduce wiring error rate.

Heavy-duty connectors provide highly integrated connections, with a variety of combinations that maximize the efficient utilization of device space.

The heavy duty connector insert conveniently and efficiently implements the modular structure of each functional component of the equipment, making it easy and safe to transport, install, maintain and repair the equipment. In the field of power transmission and distribution is very important.

The high level of protection provided by heavy duty connector insert (IP65, IP68) is unmatched for equipment connection systems in harsh environments. It can provide effective protection in harsh environments such as sand, rain, cold, ice, snow and oil, and realize stable connection of each component.

Heavy duty connector insert has been a very important part in modern industry, its stability and environmental resistance progress means that human beings in the transformation of nature, the use of nature progress.
heavy duty connector insert