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What is an overload connector


Heavy load connector, also known as HDC heavy load connector, aviation plug, widely used in construction machinery, textile machinery, packaging and printing machinery, tobacco machinery, robot, rail transit, heat runner, power, automation and other electrical and signal connection equipment!

Features and effects of the overload connector

When transferring power, signals, or data to applications, there are two ways to connect power cables: hard cable connection and connector connection.

When choosing to disconnect/reconnect, choosing to hardwire requires removing and reconnecting each wire, requiring significant labor costs. If there is any wiring error, it may take several hours to rectify the fault.

Connectors, on the other hand, only need to be plugged in and out (although the cost is somewhat high), and there is no need for specialized technical personnel. For many people, the long-term advantages of using connectors far outweigh the hard wiring.

Set constant Zhuo can overload connector advantage

1. Unique anti-open circuit mechanism design, ensure to meet the instantaneous current 100A 5S performance test requirements;
2. There is no interference between clip insertion and female pin clearance of anti-open circuit mechanism, ensuring the insertion and removal life of more than 2000 times;
3. The complete set of products has good sealing performance, and the protection level reaches IP67;
4. Product locking buckle, with damping effect, with anti-drop function.

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